Partition Graphics saves the day!

It’s not often that the popular BBC DIY SOS programme has it’s own SOS!

A children’s play centre in Ravensthorpe which was closed as part of Peterborough city council cuts was the subject of a recent BBC DIY SOS programme. Their plan was to get charitable minded companies to volunteer to recreate the facility for a local Peterborough based charity called “Little Miracles” thereby providing facilities for local disabled children and their families.

Most of the companies received a call from the BBC in late July 2013 regarding the project which was one of their biggest to date, however once the infrastructure was in place decoration was required.

Partition Graphics were contacted on the 9th of September 2013 to see what we could do and with the handover of the site planned for the 27th of September time was of the essence as they needed graphics for the front entrance doors, main internal corridor, lockers and toilet doors.

Our initial meeting with the BBC team, Rebecca Roberts (BBC DIY SOS team designer) and Nina Campbell (BBC DIY SOS on screen designer) went well and we took along some artwork samples produced by our in-house design team. They said time was very tight and we had one week to produce sign off samples and we had to be prepared to install the day before the project handover, so no pressure!

Partition Graphics did not build its excellent reputation by walking away from challenges and with all our staff prepared to do what it took we finally managed to do it with our fitters leaving the set at 09.30pm the evening before the handover!

Partition Graphics are very proud to be associated with this project and we wish the “Little Miracles” charity all the best for the future. The TV programme will be screened later in the year.

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